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About the Sennett one-name study

My one name study started, like many others, with my own personal research into my maternal grandmother’s ancestry. She was a SENNETT, born in Normanton, West Yorkshire. My mother remembered visiting her relatives in Normanton as a child, and being aware of the large numbers of relatives in Normanton. I quickly became aware that most of the SENNETTs in Yorkshire appeared to be related and started collecting all references to the surname there. As well as the Yorkshire SENNETTs, I noticed that several other areas of England also had significant numbers of people with the same surname, and I wondered if they would be able to be linked at some point. It also interested me that the family in Yorkshire were miners who had come from Avoca in Co Wicklow, Ireland, but several other groups of Sennetts also originated from Irish miners.

In 2011 I registered the SENNETT one name study with the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS) and began to more formally collect up further references and reconstruct families.

The registered surname for this one name study is SENNETT.  There are many different spellings on historical records including Senett, Sennett, Sinnatt, Sinnott, Sinnett, Synnot – often within the same family.  Where family lines can be traced back to Ireland the original spelling is usually Sinnott or Synnott.  At this point I am including any families who have used the SENNETT spelling at any point.  I have also included the SENNITT line from Cottenham and Stretham, Cambridgeshire, UK, because several of these families now use the spelling SENNETT.  I am now expanding the study to include SINNOTT and SYNNOTT as most of the families who originate in Ireland started with these spellings.

Collaboration with other researchers is a wonderful way to work, so I welcome approaches from other people with an interest in the name.  As a GOONS member I have undertaken to freely share my research, which includes world-wide databases.  This study benefits greatly when other people researching their own family are able to share the details of birth, marriage and death certificates or other documents with me.   I’d also be keen to hear from people willing to share some responsibility for this international study, so if you have a particular interest in an area, a spelling variant, genealogical DNA studies, or producing a newsletter, then please get in touch through the study email: sennett at one-name dot org.




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