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July 12, 2016 / sennettfamilytree

Irish Catholic Parish Records at the NLI

A contact from a Kentucky SINNETT descendant has brought me back to my rather neglected blog, and the realisation that I haven’t posted anything here since January this year.  Interestingly that was about the time I decided to put my focus on the newly released Irish Catholic Parish Record set at .   These are unindexed images of original parish records, with some registers 300 or more handwritten pages long, which as you might imagine can take some effort to decipher.  It is paying off though, and I have had the thrill of finding quite a few families that I already had in my database and being able to confirm their townland of origin in Ireland.  As usual though, it has also created more questions than answers with many new families I haven’t been able to conclusively link to existing ones.  I’ve been concentrating on first covering the parishes in Wexford where I know SINNOTTs have lived, then spreading out to the rest of Co Wexford, and then I will slowly work my way through other counties, again starting with ones I know I have had SINNOTTs come from (eg. Tipperary, Waterford, Wicklow).  At the same time I have been working through the Ireland 1901 and 1911 censuses (also available online via the NLI) and trying to match families to the parish records and to existing families in the database.  I think my last published count was something just over 40,000 records in my database (S-NN-Ts, spouses and immediate families) – I just looked again and my record count is 51,212 and still increasing.

If you would like to help contribute your research to the SENNETT/SINNOTT surname study, I’d love to hear from you and compare notes on your family tree.  Under the terms of my membership of the Guild of One Name Studies, I will always respond to enquiries and share any of my relevant research at no charge to anyone with an interest in this surname.  I’m also still keen to increase the number of families represented in the genealogical DNA surname study – you can find out more about that and order a test (Y-DNA37 is the recommended one) at


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