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April 26, 2015 / sennettfamilytree

Normanton, Yorkshire: seven generations of the Sennett family

My earliest know SENNETT ancestor was Joseph Sennett who emigrated from Co. Wicklow to Whitwood, Yorkshire in about 1847.  One of their grandsons, Edward, my great grandfather, then left Yorkshire in 1926 for Aylesham, Kent, where this branch of the family remained, however many of the other descendants of Joseph and Julia Ann remained in The Normanton area of Yorkshire.

My recent trip to Yorkshire was the first time I had ever met any of the Normanton Sennetts, and it has really thrilled me how much more I have been able to find out about the earlier family stories when there is this unbroken connection to the place where Joseph first settled.

I had been completely unaware for example of the Sennett family involvement in the building of St John’s RC. Church in Normanton, and it was a lovely surprise to discover that the processional cross had been given to the church by the Sennett brothers.  It was also wonderful to see one of the very old rosaries that had come from Rome and been given to Sennett brothers in recognition of their involvement.  Also fascinating to hear how Father Mulready, a missionary in Africa, and another relative, had taken this rosary to Africa, and had an ivory carving added to it.  This rosary is still in the Sennett family, and I was thrilled to be able to hold it, but even more, it has made me realise that I now think I know where another rosary that is likely to have been given at the same time to another Sennett brother is – my mother also has a very old rosary that has passed down through her family.   Has my mother’s rosary come from the same source?  I am not sure I will ever be able to prove that, as unlike the one still in Yorkshire that has been passed down with its story, the story of our family’s rosary has largely been lost.

One of the Sennett brothers' rosaries with added ivory carving from Africa

One of the Sennett brothers’ rosaries with added ivory carving from Africa


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