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March 31, 2015 / sennettfamilytree

Conferences and Yorkshire Sennett connections

It is a long way from Orkney, where I live (one of those tiny dots in the sea at the top of Scotland on the map, if you don’t know where it is) to Yorkshire where I am now and for another ten days or so. That means any trip away from home, I try to pack in as much as I possibly can, including a substantial chunk of genealogy or family networking.  The last two holidays I have had have been exciting as I have met up with new Sennett relatives – by new, I mean the slightly more distant relatives that I haven’t seen before.  This holiday is no exception, and as well as attending the excellent Guild of One Name Studies conference at the Forest Pines Hotel in Lincolnshire I am now really excited to have made contact with another couple of distant cousins who I will be meeting up with at St Johns R C church in Normanton.  And, thanks to Facebook I have also just discovered another “cousin” living in a nearby village to where i am staying.  It will be very exciting to unroll the big Sennett family tree and share photos and information, and maybe between us add more information to our family’s story.

if you are another Yorkshire relative who would like to meet up with me while I am in Yorkshire, please get in touch either through the Sennett one name study ( or through Facebook (the sennett genealogy group)


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