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February 7, 2015 / sennettfamilytree

Unexpected and exciting new Sennett DNA result

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am the project administrator of the Sinnott/Sennett surname DNA project at familytreeDNA. I have just had a fairly unexpected DNA result for a Cornish SENNETT test (descendant of Jephthah Sennett of St Michael’s Mount. The result is suggesting (but not conclusive) that Sennetts of Cornwall may be from the same origin as Sinnotts of Co Wexford.

Sennetts of Cornwall go back (on paper) as far as Jephthah Sennett, b about 1687 (but probably not born in Cornwall) and lived in St Michaels Mount.

Sinnotts of Co Wexford trace back to the first arrival of their purported forbear (Synad/Synod) to Co Wexford in the 12th century, coming from the Flemish Community in Wales.

If there is indeed a common ancestor between the Cornish Sennetts and these Irish Sinnotts, then the possibilities include: either Jephthah Sennett himself was from an Irish family and came from Ireland to St Michaels Mount sometime after about 1700, OR one of Jephthahs ancestors came from Ireland and the family lived somewhere else unknown for one or more generations before Jephthah himself arrived in St Michaels Mount, OR the common ancestor was as far back as the Flemish community in Wales, and Jephthah is descended from him or a Welsh Sinnett/Sinnott who has the same common Flemish ancestor as the Co Wexford Sinnotts, or of course, its a completely random result and there is no connection.

What I need now is to magically get DNA results for every Sennett, Sinnott, Sinnett or Synnott family that exists today into the familytreeDNA database so I can really sort out the whole genetic tree for these rather interesting E3b haplotype S-NN-Ts. I’m definitely no genetic scientist, but I do know that in the British Isles, E3B just isn’t that common (perhaps 1-2 percent). So when I know there is a fairly well documented paper trail (although with a few gaps) from Synad of the Flemish Community in Wales to the well known Co Wexford Sinnott/Synnott families, an E3b (rather than the R1b that 80 percent of men of Irish ancestry have) kind of makes sense. When that same E3b turns up in the Cornish Sennett line, then it really starts me wondering.

I’d already theorised that Welsh Sinnetts (from the same area of Wales as that Flemish Community) would probably show that distant connection to the Co Wexford Sinnotts, but without getting the Y-DNA results for a whole lot more Sennett/Sinnett/Sinnott families I can’t even begin to draw up a genetic family tree. Thats where I either need magic (another 100 or so results please, immediately) or a lot more people to come on board with the DNA project. Doesn’t matter whether you think you have Irish, Welsh, Cornish, or Flemish connections, if you are a male S-NN-T, I’d love to hear from you. The DNA project page is here and you can also read my very non-scientific and non-academic overview of genealogical DNA for dummies


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