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January 19, 2015 / sennettfamilytree

SINNETT from Pendleton West Virginia and the HEVENER connection

I now have a fairly detailed tree of descendants of Patrick SINNETT and his wife Catherine HEVENER (with lots of variant spellings in any way you think the surname might sound).

In “The History of Ritchie County” by Minnie Kendall Lawther ( there is a bit of background on the family:
“The Sinnetts – Patrick Sinnett, with his large family, came from Pendleton county, (West) Virginia. He was a typical son of “Old Erin”, having been born there near the middle of the eighteenth century. He had been one of the King’s waiters for seven years before coming to America in his young manhood; and finding such service very distasteful, he one day wandered down to the harbor just as a vessel was ready to set sail for the Colonies, and without further deliberation, stepped on board and turned his face toward the Occident. When he landed on these shores, he found himself penniless in a land of strangers, and was sold for his fare, and was compelled to work for three years to cancel the debt, so unjust were the laws, and so unmerciful were the executors, at that age of the world.
He served as a soldier in Lord Dunmore’s war, being under the direct command of General Lewis at the battle of Point Pleasant; and he also served as an American soldier in the Revolutionary War, which closely followed.
He married Miss Kathrine Hefner, a German lady, and was the father of eleven children. He died at the great age of one hundred five years, some time in the fifties, at the home of his daughter, Mrs Adam Cunningham junior, on the farm that is now the estate of the late Charles Moyer, and her, beside his wife, he sleeps.
His descendants in this county are a host, and like he, many of them are remarkable for their longevity.
His children were all born in Pendleton County, and were as follows: John, William, Seth, Abel, Henry, Jacob, George, Elizabeth, Sarah, Kathrine and Phebe.”

This book says that he had eleven children, but I have now had some suggestion that there was at least one other, fathered by Patrick Sinnott out of wedlock a year or two before he married Catherine. It’s the Sinnott DNA study that has thrown this one up, along with stories coming down through the HEVENER family – that George Hevener, born 1781, was actually the son of Patrick Sinnott. The Y-DNA (male line DNA that usually follows surnames) for George Hevener’s descendants looks similar enough to the Y-DNA of other SINNOTT families originating from Co Wexford to make me think this could be a possibility, but the only way to really check is to identify a male SINNETT descendant of Patrick and see if their Y-DNA is the very close match to George Hevener’s male descendants, that you would expect to find if they did share a common ancestor.

So, once again, I am calling for help – if you know a male SINNETT who has links to Pendleton, West Virginia or can trace an unbroken father-son line back to Patrick Sinnett and Catherine Hevener, please either get in touch with me through the Sennett One Name Study ( or just go straight to the DNA project at and get them to order a Y-DNA37 (37 marker recommended minimum test, or Y-DNA67 if you want to go higher). Test kits ordered through the Sennett/Sinnott surname project are a bit cheaper as they get the discounted project price.


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  1. Julie Durick / Jan 23 2018 4:45 pm

    Commenting on the Sinnett. My father is a descendant of Jasper whose father is Abram which is nickname for Abraham. It shows he was born in West Virginia. Abram is as far back as I can go. My grandmother was Ruth Dubler Bloom who was the daughter of Pearl Sinnett Dubler.

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